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As the cop car turns the corner.
SAID spots ABDEL talking to a couple of guys on the corner.
ABDEL looks dishevelled from his third consecutive all-nighter. ABDEL turns and sees SAID. They lock eyes before ABDEL bolts like a cracked out gazelle.

ABDEL Oh fuck
It’s too early for this shit.

They chase through the ghetto.
It is a ferocious and frenzied burst of kinetic energy. ABDEL is running for his life.
SAID is irrepressible. Its is the lion and the gazelle on the massai marra.

SAID (CONT’D) Really, really, you made me run that hard for 200 euro. Fuck you!

He kicks the comatose ABDEL
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SAID leaves the apartment and starts to walk to “work” through the neighbourhood.

Its a cold miserable winter day.
The sky is an oppressive overwhelming grey.

SAID puts his headphones in his ears.
He walks past the typical urban decay: Overflowing dumpsters, trash in the streets, graffiti, pot-holed roads, dilapidated cars, stray dogs.

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The bartender gets the drift he walks out back and comes back with a plastic shopping bag with a brick in it. He places a plastic shopping bag on the table. Said casually puts it down by his feet looks inside then SIMULTANEOUSLY AND IN SUPER VIVID SLOW MOTION AND A PECULIAR SPARSE SOUND SCAPE

The clocks ticks round to twelve.
The second hands snaps upright vibrating slightly.
SAID hands over a thick envelope full of the cash.
The police burst in through all the doors, guns drawn and playing for real.

Then back to chaotic real speed with hyper real sound. Everyone is either undercover police or they are arrested. THE CRS drag SAID out and as the push him through the door of the café and into the street the wooden door closes behind him.

The cafe owner, valet and mechanic are arrested too. We hear a prison cell door slams shut in pitch darkness.
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The resin is shaped into 2 kilo bricks of high quality “00” hashish and then covered with a thin green wrapping and sealed using a iron.

We see the bricks of hash being loaded into a VW camper van. They are being welded to the underside of the chassis.

We see the Van driving through Morocco. It winds through the dusty roads pausing before emerging onto the tarmac. But to our surprise Monsieur et Madame Bataillon, the typical elderly french couple are driving.

The camper van crosses into Spain on the ferry to Cadiz

THE VW continues driving up the coastal motorway. We see the van being followed by a car.

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10 north African and black men and one white guy stand on a red line in the middle of the room. In front of each of them is a pile of green overalls, a pair of sandals and a large ziploc plastic bag.

A Gruff, bull of a man CORRECTIONS OFFICER shouts:
C.O. TAKE off you shoes. Shake them out. Place them in front of you. The prisoners take off their shoes and shake them out.
C.O. (CONT’D) Take off your pants, shake them out.
The prisoners take off their pants and shake them out.
C.O. (CONT’D) Take off your shirt and shake it out.
The prisoners take off their shirts and shake them out.
C.O. (CONT’D) Take off your underwear, shake them out.
The prisoners take off their underwear and shake them out.

The men stand naked not sure what to do.


A C.O. walks behind them staring up their anus.

C.O. (CONT’D) Now get dressed and put your belonging in the bag and write your name on the outside with the pen that is provided. On the piece of paper write an inventory.
We will check it so this not a time to get creative.

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A dusty old bus climbs the increasingly narrow and perilous road into the Rif Mountains.

The rickety old dust covered bus grinds to a stop in a small town in the Southern Rif Mountains. Behind the bus reads a rusty old sign: TLETE KETAMA.
SAID steps off the bus. He puts his bag down and looks around.

TLETE KETAMA has the distinct air of a old western town, two rows of buildings line the main street, a main strip of tarmac in the centre but its dusty and dry where the cars park on the sides. There’s is a lot of chaotic traffic, making deliveries, chatting.

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The donkey stares at SAID.
SAID stares back.

SAID snaps the reins but the donkey refuses to move. SAID takes the branch and taps the ass on the arse.

The donkey kicks back.

SAID taps it with the stick again. Still it doesn’t move.

SAID tries to push it.
SAID tries to pull its ears.
SAID threatens it with the stick again.

The donkey isn’t moving.

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A voice comes from the shadows

SAID waves his hand but the dealer is persistent
SAID walks on, but the dealer feels he has a bite.

SAID KEEPS walking

SMALL DEALER Opium, Heroin?
SAID NO thank you
SMALL DEALER Why do you kept saying no.
I have what you want, whatever you want.

The dealer breaks off a mini mars bar chunk of hash
SMALL DEALER (CONT’D) Here try this. I know you’ll be back for more of this good shit.

The small dealer slips the nugget into SAID bag and pats him on the back in a overly garrulous way.
SMALL DEALER (CONT’D) I’ll see you soon my friend.

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FAISAL leader of the thugs steps forward.

FAISAL Has Salaam a lekum.

HASSAN stares. Saying nothing.

FAISAL (CONT’D) Hassan my friend, how’s it going?
HASSAN Why do we bother with small talk. I told you I am happy and that I will grow what I want to grow. I would appreciate it if you left now.

FAISAL Is that any way to treat a guest?
HASSAN You're no guest of mine to need to back up and fuck off.
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They’re ruining the land with their chemicals so they can grow KIF so they can sell it and buy fucking real estate in Tangiers.

What the fuck has that got to do with me.
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The local gangster pause a moment for their dogs and to curse SAID before picking up the chase.


SAID runs into a clearance where the bees are.
SAID looks back and then removes all the lids from the hives. Then he goes down the line and puches them over pushes all the hives all over.

The noise of the bees becomes deafening as SAID runs to the edge of the clearing.

SAID pauses behind a tree as the thugs cross into the clearing.

Oblivious of the swarm of angry bees they run right into the swarm. The swarm is pissed and they are overwhelmed by its ferocity.

They split into different directions oblivious of SAID who is watching.

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SAID drives south in the SUV.

A huge trail of dust lit by setting is his wake. FADE OUT


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Budget & Script

Available upon request, please contact the producer Pierre Weisbein
Art Direction, Design & Production by Flower Hell
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Saïd Taghmaoui / THE STAR

Saïd Taghmaoui was born July 19th 1973 in Villepinte, Seine-Saint-Denis, France, to Moroccan immigrant parents. He has 9 siblings. He dropped out of school at a young age and became a boxer; at one point ranking number 2 in France in his category. He met Mathieu Kassovitz with whom he co-wrote the 1995 French film "La Haine" which won the Best Director award in Cannes. Kassovitz directed the movie in which Saïd played one of the leads. Since than Saïd has been a force in French cinema and has made films in Italy, Germany, The United States and Morocco.

La Haine (1995), Actor
Three Kings (1999), Actor,
Vantage Point (2008), Actor,
Traitor (2008), Actor

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Born in London, Nick came to New York to attend NYU's celebrated Tisch, School of the Arts, where during the day - when not at school ­ he worked at, Empire, managing Gang Starr, Showbiz, AG and Bobbie Konders, while at night, he ran his own concert promotions company with DJ Stretch Armstrong, called, Flavor Inc. The duo produced a series of concerts and events for artists, such as Cypress Hill, Gang Starr, EPMD, Red Man, The Wu Tang Clan, LL Cool, J, 3rd Bass, Nice and Smooth, UltraMagnetics, Erick B and Rakim, and Ice Cube.

Upon Graduating from NYU, Nick wrote and directed the feature documentary, Voice of a Nation, starring many of the artists he promoted, including: Ice Cube, Public Enemy, Pharcyde, XX Posse, Organized Konfusion, Kool G Rap, Roxanne Shante, Coldcrush Brothers, Erick B and Rakim, DJ Quik, Kid Frost, Lord Finesse, X Clan, Luke Skywalker, Freddie Fox, Fu-Schnickens and KRS One.
  The Voice of a Nation went on to be showcased at the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio.

Nick went on to become an award winning video director (MTV: Most Ass Kicking Video, The Source:Best Video, MVPA: runner up Best Hip Hop Video), with over 100 music videos and commercials to his credit for world renowned artists such as Common, EPMD, Redman, Guru, Fat Joe, Dru Hill, Mobb Deep, Three 6 Mafia, Lil¹ Romeo, Dr. Dre, Nas, P. Diddy, Master P, Trick Daddy, Trina, Carl Thomas, T.I., Brandy, Ray J and Shaq and brands such as Sprite, And1, Nike, Lexus and Land Rover.

In 2005, Nick was appointed Executive Director of Goldcrest Films and has overseen the development and growth of the Goldcrest integrated companies developing the film finance, sales and production lines of business in the company.
  Goldcrest has been key to the financing of films such as Twilight, Tropic Thunder, Eagle Eye, The Iron Lady, and Revolutionary Road. His most recent credits as producer include Elvis & Anabelle (2007) directed by Will Geiger and starring Gossip Girl's Blake Lively and Max Minghella.

Executive Producer of The Winning Season (2009) starring Sam Rockwell and Emma Roberts, the Sundance Grand Jury documentary winner Restrepo (2010), Homework (2010) Sundance Narrative Selection of 2011, starring Emma Roberts, and Freddie Highmore, The Girl (2011), starring Abbie Cornish, and Dark Horse (2011) starring Christopher Walken and Mia Farrow. Nick is currently producing a biography of Tim Hetherington directed by Sebastian Junger for HBO and a directing Con Artistes a documentary about the drama program in Sing Sing Prison.
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Pierre Weisbein / PRODUCER

Recent credits include L’homme de chevet starring Sophie Marceau, Cass and seminal surf film One California Day. Weisbein is currently producing The Mr. Sunset Story about the life of legendary surfer Jeff Hakman. He recently served as Executive Vice President, International Sales & Distribution for Senator International with direct responsibility in foreign distribution operations where he handled sales for the following releases: The Assassination of Richard Nixon starring Sean Penn (Official selection Cannes), The Grudge (Sony), White Noise (Universal) and Hooligans. From 1996 to 2003, Weisbein was a key executive at StudioCanal where he held the post of Senor Vice president International, head of worldwide theatrical sales and successfully handled sales for Roman Polanski's Academy Award® winning film The Pianist, Cannes Palme d'Or winner David Lynch's Mulholland Drive, Berlin Golden Bear Winner Patrice Chereau's Intimacy, Christophe Gans's Brotherhood of the Wolf, Daniele Thomson's Jetlag, Francis Ford Coppola's Apocalypse Now Redux and Brett Morgen & Nanette Burstein's Robert Evans biopic The Kid Stays in the Picture. From 1996 to 2001 Mr. Weisbein was Vice President International and handled television and video sales for StudioCanal's library, the third largest in the world, with more than 5,000 titles including the Carolco library with film titles such as Terminator II, Total Recall and Rambo.

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Since establishment in 1977, Goldcrest has financed, produced and/or distributed over 100 titles that have won numerous prizes, including 19 Academy Awards and 28 BAFTAs. Celebrated films include Gandhi, The Killing Fields, The Mission, Chariots of Fire, A Room with a View and Local Hero. Goldcrest has exploited its library on a worldwide basis in all media for over 20 years and currently has agreements in place with six of the seven major US studios and independent distributors. The sales team has offices in London and Los Angeles. Goldcrest's award-winning postproduction business was established in London's Soho in 1992, and added a sister facility in New York's West Village in 2000. The teams at these post facilities work on a wide range of films. Recent titles include Quantum of Solace, Slumdog Millionaire, The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, Hellboy II: The Golden Army, Notorious, The Squid and The Whale, The Reader, The Tudors, Wallace and Gromit, and Hotel Rwanda.
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About the film / KIF

Kif is a modern day Western that follows a young man from the tough streets in the Paris projects to the Rif mountains in Morocco, and along the way shows how his life is forever changed by his new environment. A small time crook without any direction, SAID is deported from France to Morocco after he finds himself at the center of a drug deal gone awry. He arrives in the land of his ancestors without any of the skills necessary to live and prosper in his new home and without any prospects in front of him. Quickly though, Said is forced to deal with the local drug lords who are intent on taking over his family’s farm, and thus taking away their entire means of existence. Faced with a seemingly indomitable enemy in the local drug cartels, Said takes on the challenge, realizes his destiny, and transforms himself into the Lone Gunslinger of the traditional Western movies - a man no one thought he could ever become. Shot using the cinematic codes and the moral grammar of the traditional American Western, KIF is the journey of a man from the dark projects of Europe to the light drenched mountains of Morocco.