Flower Hell | Digital Reflections of my 20 Lenses
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Digital Reflections of my 20 Lenses

Photography for upcoming exhibition

Digital Reflections of my 20 Lenses

Digital Reflections was a project I started in 2005.
I got the first ever waterproof digital camera on the market.
It was revolution made possible by Pentax, model Optio (5 Megapixels)
I started bringing the lens with me every time I went out to surf.
Mostly because I wanted to keep a few reflections of each session for myself.


My main focus turned to capturing the light in and around the surface.
The constant changing ocean with its surrounding.
Just like no two waves will ever break same, it will always shine different
Even at the same spot.
In water constellations of the seven seas.
At varied temperatures and salt levels.
With weathers, clouds and skies adding its spectrum of colors.
There is an unlimited potential to capture the moods of the ocean.


Mix this up with another parameter.
What happens to these digital compact cameras when they are exposed to the pressure of mother nature?
Technology vs nature is fascinating and something I experiment a lot with.
Sometimes I find some forms of digital errors happening in the pictures.
I like that very much and try to embrace it just like an old manual film camera adds its own magic.
Let´s call them beautiful accidents.


Of course sometimes the cameras, just like everything else in life, will die.
They lose to the power of the salty wave energy from the sea.
Today, I am up to my 20:th digital underwater camera.
I have gone through pretty much every possible brand and model.
I´ve had a few exhibitions in various locations around the world.
Time has to come, gonna have another one.


Oskar Lindholm a.k.a Okar

Canggu, Bali, Indonesia 2015


Coming soon. Work in progress.