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Manly at Sea

Art for upcoming exhibition
Manly at Sea Manly at Sea Manly at Sea Manly at Sea Manly at Sea Manly at Sea

Manly at Sea

Manly is the gateway to the northern beaches of Sydney. Seven miles from Sydney and a thousand miles from care as they say. This place of small town feeling half an hour from the iconic opera house and the skyscrapers has some beautiful beaches, surf, nature, people, animals, restaurants, bars, shops etc. It also has a fantastic vibe like no other place I have been living in. The sunrises and sunsets along with the clouds casts the most majestic lights and colors over the sky and the sea.


I was fortune enough to live here from 2005 – 2013 with a fantastic view of the ocean. In this time I must have taken a thousand pictures of the many ocean moods. Now that I moved on from this fantastic place, these captured moments of cosmic color orgies has found a use.

All I had to do was to select, reject and connect and pair them up to create a palette of Manly at Sea.
No editing, just rotation.


Manly still lives in my heart. Always will.


Oskar Lindholm a.k.a Okar

Canggu, Bali, Indonesia 2015


Coming soon