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Flower Hell is the home of art by design, design by art. We are artists rather than stiff advertising makers. That´s why we call ourself an Art Design Agency. Stockholm, Sweden, Sydney, Australia, Canggu, Bali, Indonesia. Space is the place.
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Previous Art Exhibitions

A selection of our branding work


Tunnelism @ Lo-fi Collective
Sydney, Australia


Tunnelism @ 654 Surf Shop
Stockholm, Sweden


“Tunnelism” was an exhibition by artist Easlinn & Okar held at the legendary art gallery “Lo-Fi Collective” in Sydney and at surf shop 654 in Stockholm. Artwork printed on textured art paper in 800 x 600 mm.


Some of the art pieces was painted upon with spray paint and markers for exhibition.


Digital Refletions 9 @ Henry Afrikas
Manly, Australia


Digital Refletions 12 @ 654 Surf Shop opening
Stockholm, Sweden


“Digital Reflections of my 12 lenses” was an exhibition at Henry Afrikas in Manly and at surf shop 654 in Stockholm. From the day this trendy shop opened some of the art photography compositions were framed and hung on the wall for as long as 2 years.


They were never for sale at the time, but were a gift to the owner Niklas Malmqvist.