Flower Hell | What and where we are at
Flower Hell is the home of art by design, design by art. We are artists rather than stiff advertising makers. That´s why we call ourself an Art Design Agency. Stockholm, Sweden, Sydney, Australia, Canggu, Bali, Indonesia. Space is the place.
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What and where we are at

Bali High 2015

At the moment we are in Bali, Indonesia working on a bunch of art projects. You will be able to see the result in different exhibitions in locations around the world soon. Flower Hell is an Art Design Agency, where everything is based upon art. Whatever we create the outcome is treated like a timeless painting that you hang upon your wall and keep on enjoying.

We will bring you ideas, concepts, graphics and art designed by artists. So if you are looking for communication strategists, ideas engineers, tech specs or other boring sort of ho-dads to deliver your creatives. Go away!

We can take on any sort of challenge, and we have done so in the past. From the art direction of a Hollywood film to branding a company starting up.

At times there are many of us working together, other times just myself taking care of business. The nature and feeling of the client and the particular project however is what determines if we will take us on the job as your agency. It should be fun working together on arty stuff, and always will be so when we do.

Oskar Lindholm a.k.a Okar

Canggu, Bali, Indonesia 2015